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Soto Zen Religious Holidays

1-2-3 January Shusho-e The Sutra Ceremony lasts for three consecutive mornings - Sanjōkitō - for national peace, for the prosperity of the Dharma and for a happy New Year.
5 January Kangyō Takuhatsu First day of the winter offertory by monks at the Daijo-ji monastery.
26 January Kōso kōtan-e Birthday of Eihei Dogen Zenji.
3 February Kangyō Takuhatsu Last day of the winter offertory by monks at the Daijo-ji monastery.
15 February Nehan-e Anniversary of Shakyauni Buddha’s entrance into Nirvana, the Nehan-e picture is hung and Sutra Yuikyōgyō is recited. In Daijo-ji, Dango, or sweets made of rice flour that represent Shakyamuni’s bones are offered to many visiting followers.
21 March and 23 September Higan-e The Higan period - the other shore- is celebrated for three weeks where the dead are honored.
8 April Shaka kōtan-e Birthday of Shakyamuni Buddha.
Around 15 July and 15 August Urobon For three weeks family ancestors are commemorated.
16 July Sejiki-e Day in which food is given to hungry spirits, or the Gaki.
29 September Ryōso-ki Anniversary of the death of the two Founding Patriarchs of the Soto School: Dogen Zenji and Keizen Zenji.
5 October Dharma-ki Anniversary of the death of Bodhidharma.
14 October Daijoji kaizan-ki Anniversary of the death of Tettsu Gikai Zenji, founder of the Daijo-ji monastery.
21 November Taisō kōtan-e Birthday of Kaizan Zenji.
1-8 December Rohatsu Sesshin Zazen is practiced 24 hours a day for eight days.
8 December Jōdō-e Anniversary of the Satori of Shakyamuni Buddha.