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Iten Shinnyo


Reverend Anna Maria Iten Shinnyo lives and works in Florence where she acts as Teacher and spiritual guide at the Shinnyo-ji Temple, ordained by her Teacher Reverend Tenrai Ryushin Azuma Roshi "Daijo-ji Italia Betsuin", or the Italian branch of the Daijo-ji Monastery in Kanazawa, Japan.

From 1995-2000 she practiced Zen under the guidance of her teacher Tetsugen Serra in the Enso-ji the Circle of Milan Monastery, receiving the Bodhisattva Vowels in the Jukai Ceremony on September 25th, 1999.

In August of 2002, in the Daijo-ji Monastery in Kanazawa, Japan she meet her Teacher, Reverend Tenrai Ryushin Azuma Roshi, then Vice-Abbot of Daijo-ji. This meeting determined the beginning of Shinnyo's training that brought her to Japan twice a year for long periods of training and education under the loving guidance of her Teacher.

On August 6th 2004, she received with the Tokudo Ceremony, the vowels of a Zen monk from her Teacher Tenrai Ryushin Azuma Roshi, Abbot of the Daijo-ji Temple in Kanazawa, Japan, reaching the Jyōza grade and therefore officially entering the Japanese Sōtō Zen School with the Buddhist name Iten Shinnyo, where "I" means Italy, "ten" means sky, "Shin" the ideogram for truth and "nyo" means as, therefore: Italian Sky like truth.

On April 16th 2007, with the Hossen Ceremony she became Shusso, reaching the Zagen grade in SōtōShu Japan.

In June of 2008, she received the Shiho, the Dharma Transmission- Dempo- from her Teacher Tenrai Ryushin Azuma Roshi, becoming a Zen Teacher in the Japanese Sōtō Tradition.

On June 21st, 2008 at Eihei-ji with the Zuise Ceremony and on June 22nd at Soji-ji with the Zuise Ceremony – the two main Sōtō Zen Temples in Japan- she was give the Jyūshoku grade officially becoming the Abbot of Shinnyo-ji.

On February 8th, 2010 she was given the Nitōkyōshi grade.

On 1 April 2013 she received the assignment of Kokusai Fukyoshi for Europe, assignment of Master missionary authorized to the spread of Zen Buddhism outside Japan. This assignment allows the registration of our Temple Shinnyoji in the official website of the School Sotoshu Japanese: in the circuit of the Temples authorized outside Japan

The Dharma Path

The Practice at Daijo-ji

September-October 2008

Shinnyo at Daijo-ji during the Goonki celebration for the 700th anniversary of the death of Founder Tettsu Gikai Zenji.

Shinnyo's Zuise Ceremony in the Soji-ji Monastery in Japan

June 22nd 2008

Pictures of the Ceremony

Shinnyo's Zuise Ceremony in the Eihei-ji Monastery in Japan

June 21st 2008

Pictures of the Ceremony

Shinnyo's practice at Daijo-ji

Summer 2007

Some moments of Shinnyo's days during her stay for Practice in the Daijo-ji Monastery.

Hossen Ceremony in the Daijo-ji Temple in Kanazawa, Japan

April 16th, 2007

Iten Shinnyo's Ordination Ceremony to Shusso three years after her ordination to become a monk.

Practice at Daijo-ji

April 15th, 2007

Shinnyo's day before the Hossen Ceremony.

Practice at Daijo-ji

Summer 2004

Some pictures of Anna Maria Shin-nyo at Daijo-ji (see more).

Tokudo Ceremony in the Daijo-ji Temple in Kanzawa, Japan.

August 6th, 2004

Anna Maria's Ordination Ceremony where she received the Zen Monk vowels from her Teacher, Ryushin Azuma Roshi, Abbot of the Daijo-ji Temple and given Buddhist name Iten Shin-nyo.

Practice in Japan

August 3 – 26th, 2002

Some pictures of Practice in Japan with the Abbot and the monks of Daijo-ji, O Bon (Festival for the Dead of Daijo-ji), the tomb of Sogaku Harada Roshi at Hosshin-ji and the Eihei-ji doorway.